Tuesday 16 February 2016


Happy Chinese New Year folks!

Holiday and food binging surely go along together.

Whether it's the aromatic Christmas pudding or your Grandma's juicy roasted pork, we know both are irresistibly tasty and sinful, yet we LOVE IT.  

Last Chinese New Year was a non-stop eating fest for me. I LOVE my food but also remember balance is the key. A way to pay back for all the "sins" I've made to my body is to clean it or detox.

Back in September, I did a five-day juice cleanse with Cold Press Indonesia and was happy with the process and result. When I was informed that they have a new range of customize programs depending on your need, I could not help but to try it. Since it was still my working days I decided to go easy on myself and went for the three-day juice cleanse. Surprisingly, it went well! No cheating needed. But remember, my personal pre and during detox tips to maximize the benefits :

Honestly, it felt easier than the first one since the period is shorter and rest assured, I did not feel hungry at all. In a day I drank six bottles of cold-press juices according to the schedule. Instead of feeling gloomy and all, I felt energetic and still attending my TRX training. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, post-detox, not only that I lost about 1.5 kg, my skin started to clear up and glowing. I encourage everyone to try and feel it yourself! Forget diet pills, go for natural and tasty opt :)

Cold Press Indonesia new detox programs:
1. Skin Glow and Weight Maintenance (the one I did)
2. Power Cleanse
3. Vitality
4. Anti Aging

and for more detail, check out Cold Press Indonesia's website and Instagram

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