Monday, 1 June 2015


I, here, dedicated my rarely seen resting bitch face to those negative people who give foolish look to those who dare to dream and to those judgmental people who themselves once have never been in my situation. The privilege of spending some time alone has given me the time to reflect upon myself and get rid of what is bad for me. Reflecting, I can't believe how blinded I was in the past. I thought being a good friend means making the other happy and sacrificed your own, which is absolutely true, but NOT all times. That is selfish, I am sorry. So tooodles to the so-called classy pretentious B's and really really appreciate those who stick by me through the good and bad times. You know who you are, good friends you deserve medals :) Oh and this picture doesn't do any justice on how precious this velvet black dress, a vintage Gaultier. I raided it from the pandora box a.k.a mom's closet. Happy positivity Monday!  

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