Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Spring

Forever 21 dress and belt, Uniqlo socks, Marks and Spencer hosiery, Office ankle boots

Today is the first day of April. I have a love and hate relationship with this very day. Apparently I never take April Fool as serious as my friends and I always seem to get fooled. This time though I think I was fooled by Leeds weather. It can be so bright, sunny and you think to yourself "Ah it's finally spring!" but when the night comes, the wind is just uncontrollable. The thing about living in UK is weather plays important factor on how people dress. On rare occasion like this I brave myself to put on this dress. I just love everything about this one! This bohemian style and pattern reminds me of Missoni so much. Price asides, the dress is very versatile as I can wear it when the weather is warm and even colder.

I had a very great time posing for these pictures. I am not against the "model, firm and serious" poses. However I believe in a more natural, fun, I-dont-give-sh*t attitude and most importanly, SMILE! Just be yourself, be confident in your own body,  because everyone deserves that spotlight :) Big thanks to my photographer for the photo session earlier, you made me feel like Kate Moss in my own body! 

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