Monday, 27 April 2015

Finally, Final

Topshop dress, Forever 21 belt, Stuart Weitzman boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

It's May! It's officially the starting of exam week. For me, this is my last exam before university graduation and getting myself Bachelor degree in Finance. When I am typing this, I am even still in awed at how fast things are. The other day I was just talking with my friends which university they will go to and now we are talking what will we do next. I know this day will come but it still feels unreal. A small flashback and tips from my university years, ENJOY it! The first year of university is still for me the most memorable experience ever. I met tons of interesting people, learnt to be independent, I studied hard but every weekend I always spared it for social events and if you know what I mean haha (For the freshers, don't underestimate the power of tequila shots ;p). Don't get me wrong though, I am not suggesting any negative activities. The point is to keep everything in moderation. Getting good grades are important, but there are life knowledge that should be learnt outside the textbooks too. It can be a process to help finding your true self, at least for me. I got to draw the line of how far I will go to do something and it's funny you never know what you'll encounter. If you already knew, good for you! Anyway for those who are wondering what I will do next, I will take interior design course and hopefully the plan goes well. As for now, I am just going to review my fascinating financial statements, do my best and pray for the rest. For my fellow friends who are doing their dissertations and exams, may the force be with you! :D


  1. Love the whole look! You're so cute in that outfit💕


  2. oh totally love this outfit!
    good luck on your final !

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