Tuesday 10 February 2015

The small garden

Topshop white crop top and high waisted skinny pants, H&M faux fur vest, Stuart Weitzman 50/50 knee high boots, Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

These photos were taken from a trip to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Not exactly the museum, but the small garden in front of it. The garden is very beautiful and well taken care of. The weather was a bit chilly but still manageable for me to wear this kind of outfit. The interior of the museum was amazing. It was very huge and there were different kind of objects inside, from the Rembrandt paintings to the modern art  installations. My personal favorite is the Indonesian history room. As an Indonesian, the history of the Netherlands who once colonized my country is very captivating. In the room I can see how Indonesia looked like during the period from paintings. It was very painful to see how people were treated back then. However as I learnt more on the story of how my country fought for its independence, I never feel that proud of my own country and the bravery of our heroes. 

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