Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Current Make Up Essential

I have developed a huge love towards beauty products. Apart from the eyeliner and Urban Decay's Naked palette, these are some of my go-to products for my everyday make up.

This bottle last me for like forever! I started using this a year ago when I had acne problems and some post-acne marks to cover. It does the work AMAZINGLY. 

I apply it after the foundation to keep it stay and not melting for the whole day. It is transparent in color but I feel like it gives the fresh dewy effect to my face. Bonus!

I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS. ENOUGH SAID. Especially during the winter days to add that "fake tan" look on your face and no shimmer. Not to mention it gives the slim effect to the cheeks. 

I was curious with the raves and I am not disappointed. I love Gilda shades because it doesn't have shimmery effect like the famous shade, Orgasm. Plus it has that coral red color perfect pairing with the bronzer. With the pricey price, it lasted me a long time.

THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Even to my "no-makeup" look. I believe eyebrow is the most vital part of face, it frames and give definition to the face. I can't live without this. Period. 

This is the mascara cult. It does thicken and lengthen my lashes perfectly because of the color intensity.

I always get compliment when I am using this one. The matte effect gives me that perfect Kylie Jenner's pout. When in hurry just put this one. And trust me the name says it all, you will feel Sultry. 

Good girls know lip liner is the secret to the perfect and more defined lip. This color matches perfectly to the Revlon Sultry lip balm. Promise me to get these both in pair!

9. Chanel lipstick in Effrontee 
This is the perfect rose color for everyday occasion. When in doubt I always use this one. I tried to find one in several European duty frees and I could not find it. I guess they have stopped producing this one :(

Happy Sunday everyone!

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