Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cheers from the UK

Welcome to the new 5 Minutes of Fame. As you can see there will be a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle to this blog. I want to say hello from Leeds, a city that is just two-hours train ride from London. Life has been very good to me and I am blessed to have the chance to study abroad. Just a short introduction to Leeds, it is your normal British city. Red bricks buildings, pubs in the corner of the streets, fish and chips, shopping centre and green landscapes. London on the other hand is different. If I were given the chance to describe London. I would say the weather. It can be perfectly sunny in the morning and out of sudden there is a huge rain in the afternoon. Despite the unpredictable, I love how multicultural and energetic the city is. I fell in love with how people dressed when they walked past me. Bold and dynamic. I think I have to learn more from the Londoners on how to add more patterns and colors to my winter minimalist look. Honestly, I can't wait for the summer to come so that I can be more experimental with my looks. So, keep reading the blog to see more adventures to come.

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