Thursday 26 June 2014

Make a wish

Shanghai is like a home for me and it will always be, so it was and still is very hard to let go. However one thing I am grateful is to have all the memories alive somewhere in my brain. Sounds very poetic and stuff, but thanks a lot to everyone who has been part of my journey for these 3 years. You will all be missed and I am very sure we will all meet again. Anyway, these pictures were taken in Hong Kong, it was a short trip in between Shanghai and Jakarta with my family. I went for city sightseeing, witnessing the night view of Hong Kong skyscraper (MUST) and met my old friend, Milan who showed what and where the locals go eat, drink and PARTY. Thanks a lot dear!

I am in love with this nude sandal I spotted from Steve Madden. It's so pretty and it goes well with my violet nails, don't you think? And I am all about multi functional outer wear, so once I saw this H&M animal pattern, all I could think was all the different ways I can wear it.

Btw, guys it might be a bit late but I did a guest post with Style by Asia for a festival coverage in Shanghai, DAFF. Do check HERE , cheers!

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