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After a tiring week, Sunday should be the day that I can relax and dress comfortably. This is the day when my family and close cousins meet over a dim sum lunch. Hence this should be a big reason for me to ditch those tight-fitting clothes. First, those eye-rolling and head-shaking are just unnecessary . Second when I eat, I REALLY eat. Honestly the bloating won't be cute after. The trick is not to mistaken "comfortable dressing" as a reason to wear dreadful and ill-fitting clothes (exception when you are home or Gigi Hadid). To me shirts are amazing as I can achieve different looks from formal workday to Sunday effortlessly chic looks. I believe everyone should must have at least one white oversized boyfriend shirt in their wardrobe. It is a great classic and comfy piece to wear over jeans or shorts, perfectly suitable for Sunday mass as well. I recently spotted this shirt from ZARA and I just knew I have to have it. To make the outfit looks smarter and less sloppy, I paired it with heels, plus a statement bracelet like Hermès Collier de Chien will do the whole outfit justice.


Sunday couldn't get any better than receiving a generous amount of freshly-made puddings. I mean, who doesn't love this sweet melting-in-your-mouth desserts? I love snacking, but I try to avoid fries and other unhealthy snacks. This soft and milky pudding from MELT'S DESSERT is just the answer to my hesitation! Unlike any other "home-made" pudding stands out there, the owner has poured her great passion to ensure the puddings are absolutely legit and preservative-free. Only the freshest and most delicious puddings are delivered to MELT'S DESSERT customers. Don't worry about the storage as the pudding lasts 10 days inside the refrigerator and up to 5 hours in room temperature.

Six fabulous flavors to choose: Strawberry, Grape, Melon, Lychee, Mango, Chocolate
Last one I promise

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Marks and Spencer outerwear, Uluwatu white tank top, Zara boyfriend jeans, Tory Burch flats, Céline bag

As cliché as it may sounds, Paris is just simply amazing. I could visit this magical city a thousand times and always have completely different experience. I love to wonder around the city and got lost down the streets I've never been before. I have some favorite places to stroll or simply people watching, such as the Avenue Montaigne, Saint Germain or any random streets with inviting café. This time I was staying in one gorgeous Parisian sun-drenched penthouse I found from Airbnb and just 3 minutes away from the crowded street of Champs-Élysées. I have to say Airbnb has such fabulous options of places to stay in Paris! I wish I could have stayed longer, but I was in Paris for merely 2 days. Not so much to see, but enough to shop, eat and breathe... PARIS!

It took me 4 hours from London to my first stop, ICELAND. One of the countries that is often overlooked in the map, but made serious fashionable comeback this year. How do you know you have arrived in Iceland? Easy, you are greeted with hard-to-pronounce words on billboards. It was almost like Lost in Translation on reverse. And its windy 11 degrees will question you if summer exists here. Still, summer is the perfect time to visit since the sun doesn't set until midnight.

An outdoor soak in volcanically heated pool is an essential part of Icelandic experience, especially in the cold winter (and summer) to relax the muscles and supposedly good for the skin. I directly went to the famous Blue Lagoon. It's been on my bucket list and to finally visit this place was just beyond words! And I have to say Iceland has my favorite beer, Gull. Trust me, I am not a beer fan but when I said it fellow Martini drinkers will love it!

For the next 4 days, I went around the city of Reykjavik, Golden Triangle and the South Coast of Iceland. Reykjavik has such cool vibes, the young people are very hip and stylish. You can easily find cute stores and bars almost everywhere in the city. There were a lot of driving involved in Iceland, but I never felt bored because of the endless majestic sceneries of mountains, glaciers, horses running in the wild. It was almost like medieval movie scenes. I visited some amazing waterfalls including the famous and biggest waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss. The view around the South Coast is just something unmissable. There, I went to another waterfalls, Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss and did the short cruise around the glacial lake of Jokulsarlon. I couldn't help but feeling blessed to enjoy such many beauties in Iceland.

Ok, you keep hearing people talking about detox, detox and detox. So, what is the big deal anyway? Does this give immediate results? Maybe. But with all the hectic schedules and tempting food pics your favorite food blogger posted on Instagram 2 minutes ago, can you still do the detox? Hmm, probably not. Then, what should you do?

 When I was living abroad (especially Shanghai) I was super exposed to delicious yet unhealthy food all the time! Consequently my skin was in a terrible condition (acnes, dull and dry) due to lack of fruits and veggies consumption. Until I was introduced to juice cleanse program. Totally a game changer!  So every time I feel like my body's toxicity level has built-up, I detox. These are the common symptoms of high toxin level:

Feeling cynical about this juice cleanse? Don't be! Not all juice is created equal. The juice I'm talking about here is NOT your ordinary morning kitchen-made juices made truly by your mbak. This cold-pressed juice contains 5X MORE nutrients (Vitamins, minerals & enzymes), obviously NO preservatives, concentrates, additives and sugar and has smashing taste! How so? Because it uses cold pressed juicer with minimum heat, so the beneficial enzymes remain. Hollywood A-listers like Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba are just few names that swear by this juice cleanse.

Put the science aside, my biggest problem is finding the REAL cold-pressed juices in in my own hometown, Jakarta. Many stores claimed to have one when it's not, duh! Until one day I discovered COLDPRESS INDONESIA. My search officially comes to an end. After consulting with the person, I tried their 3 Days Detox Program consisting of 6 tasty bottles per day. So, let's see how this one works!

My personal pre and during detox tips to maximize the benefits :

Instead drink more water and substitute morning coffee with herbal teas. And most importantly don't aim for weight loss but to flush out those evil toxins from your body :)

 These six tasty and numbered bottles are meant for one day consumption and Cold Press INDONESIgave the drink schedule as well, no worry! So for my 3 days detox program I was sent in total 18 bottles of these healthy goodness. My personal faves are Green Boost, Refresh and Citrus Burst!


 I was all dressed up, it was a busy day from morning meeting to interview at night, not to mention Jakarta's traffic! Not the ideal day to start I thought, but it went well. No side effects like nausea or diarrhea as mentioned. My only regret was to reject the famous Korean spicy chicken. But think of the benefits at the end, it will be worth it ;)

It's a more relaxed day, I went for a quick pilates class before meeting my friend over lunch. And don't be scared of feeling weak for not eating, because you won't. The Nutty Nuts really helped me to feel full and energized. There is no serious side effect apart from light diarrhea. Honestly, my biggest problem is to watch my friends eating while I just talked, stared and drooled! That's why supportive friends are the best :p 


Last day! And the hardest one. I felt like giving up because I didn't have any solid food for days. My craving flied to the roof. That's why I preferred to stay at home to avoid the temptations of sinful desserts. I felt a bit nausea, but it was under controlled. Luckily, the juices taste great.

After the 3 Days Detox Program, surprisingly I felt more energized, physically and mentally. The unhealthy craving is gone, my skin is more glowing, no bloating and I (surprisingly..or not) lost 2 KGs in this process. To keep it this way I start by eating small portions of meal consisting of healthy fruits and veggies. Plus, COLD PRESS INDONESIA has Juice Subscription options that you can try (excluded from detox set). I can't believe healthy can be tasty as well :) Overall, I am very satisfied and impressed with the taste, quality and service. The price may be a bit intimidating for juice cleanse, but trust me it is the best price I've ever seen and plus if you just purchased that cute Chanel purse, why don't invest in something good for your health? I recommend you to give this fun detox a try at least once, so you can see the results yourself or just talk with your friends about it. 

The Juice Subscription

If you are interested with the detox program, below is the price list and contact detail: