Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Enchanting Macau

(H&M top, Forever 21 skirt, Vince slip-on shoes, Zara necklace, Salvatore Ferragamo clutch, Ray Ban aviator)

These pictures were taken during my last trip to Macau. Always heard of this city as Asia's own Las Vegas, unfortunately minus those pool parties and DJs. However, Macau surely has its own charming characteristic. As a city that was once colonized by the Portuguese, Macau has turned into one of those cities that has a foreign 'touch', for instance you can see it in their architectures or even I was surprised that most of the writings are not just in Chinese, but also in Portuguese! I was lucky I stayed in The Venetian, the legendary hotel in Macau. It's HUGE. By huge, I mean I was completely speechless. They literally put a shopping centre inside the hotel, they even have their own man-made canals which you can ride on, complete with the guy/girl paddling the boat resembling the real Venetian in Italy. Regarding the casino, I can't talk much of them as I am considered under age (not 21 yet), which is kind of disappointing. Like, come on I am in one of those cities that legalized gambling, yet I can't witness it? Urgh.

In touristic sides, I just visited the famous Ruin of  St.Paul's, it was in the city centre and was very packed. To be honest, I had good times there and will revisit once I reach the legal age, and try my luck.. who knows, maybe I am actually good at it? 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Make a wish

Shanghai is like a home for me and it will always be, so it was and still is very hard to let go. However, one thing I am grateful is to have all the memories alive somewhere in my brain. Sounds very poetic and stuff, but thanks a lot to everyone who has been part of my journey for these 3 years. You will all be missed and I am very sure we will all meet again! Anyway, these pictures were taken in Hong Kong, it was a short trip in between Shanghai and Jakarta with my family. I didn't do much there, just city sightseeing, witnessing the night view of Hong Kong skyscraper (MUST) and met my old friend, Milan who showed what and where the locals go eat, drink and PARTY! Thanks a lot dear :) 

I am in love with this nude sandal I spotted from Steve Madden. It's so pretty and it goes well with my violet nails, don't you think? And I am all about multi functional outer wear, so once I saw this H&M animal pattern, all I could think was all the different ways I can wear it.

Btw, guys it might be a bit late but I did a guest post with Style by Asia for a festival coverage in Shanghai, DAFF. Do check HERE , cheers!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Inner Mongolia photo diary

If you follow me on Instagram or you know me personally (ha) you will see some of these pictures and yes I just travelled to Inner Mongolia during my last holiday. If you know the story of this trip, you'll be surprised! It was a very crazy random idea from my beloved cousin! We were just talking via WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp) for about 3 days and tadaaa.. here it is our Inner Mongolia trip! Where is it exactly? It is just the north of Beijing and still in China. This is definitely one of those memorable trips I've ever had. My first desert trip, ATV desert style and camel ride for sure! Did you see my camel? Too cute! And those huts in the picture, no we did not stay there unfortunately as the weather can be very extreme, hot in the afternoon and minus degree at night. So we spoiled kids decided to stay in the hotel downtown, Hohhot city which by the way is a very cool city as it is surrounded by the desert! The modern building above is the newly renovated city museum, must visit. Can't wait for my next adventure. Thank you to my cousin who crazily out of the blue and randomness proposed this idea. Love you!

Friday, 25 April 2014

London in Shanghai

The runway show, with a performance by Paloma Faith. Photo: Burberry
Cara Delevingne flies over the audience. Photo: Burberry
After four stores in Shanghai, this London brand finally opened a flagship store in Jing An district, which is the largest in China so far. The official launching is this Thursday and to celebrate, Burberry did a magical fashion show! Performance wise, there are Paloma Faith and Ed Harcourt singing "You Can't Stop The Rain", while all the models including the awesome Suki Waterhouse and the flying Mary-Cara-Delevigne-Poppins rocking the runway. Thanks to my friend for this invitation. Bravo! 

p.s: huge apology for I don't take many pics here because it was a very last minutes plan and my camera wasn't charge. These pics are the courtesy of Burberry. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Australian Fashion Week MBFWA Streetstyle Phil Oh 3Valerie-Norman.nocrop.w1800.h1330mbfwa streetstyle vogue australia
Australian Fashion Week MBFWA Streetstyle Adam Katz Sinding WMag Nicole Warne

sI have this thing with the Australians. Huge crush on their beautiful people (Hey Miranda Kerr!), styles and designers. They seem to make an effortless chic playful clothes. Here are some details from the fashion week. And see that bag on first pic, crazy right?

Sources: Studded Hearts

Friday, 14 March 2014

mon petit ami

Mon Petit Ami
Oh my, how cute is this Louis Vuitton Petit Malle bag? In the Mean Girl word, that's so fetch!
This bag is literally the IT bag for the season. It's everywhere and pretty sure it will be all over street style pics soon! Petit Malle translates as the "little trunk" is definitely on my bag-list. It is a definition of tradition and innovation, as the fashion house keeps it to their roots with the trunks and monogrammed canvas, with the addition of the brand's various leather with a removable canvas. Apart from that you can choose how you want to wear it, clutch or with the strap. Price is not stated yet, however prepare to drop some cash for this small one!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

my favorite: makeup

I think it is a girl nature for always wanting to look beautiful and interesting. Not to mention the current pressure from media for young girls to look perfect everytime, even in the sleeping state (duh!). This post is not suggesting you to be on that unhealthy pressure, however I actually think it is not a mistake to wear make up. Make up surely can boost your confidence! And if that confidence is what you need then sure why not right?

I always wanna post what's on my make-up poach and after doing some 'trial and errors' which my skin was not thankful for, I proudly present what products that actually works for me!

1. Urban Decay Naked 2.
This favorite make-up cult is Ah---mazeball! Every basic color you need from day-to-night is here. This is what every girl MUST have in their beauty closet. Do I need to say more?
2. Max Factor 2000 Calorie.
I've always used Maybelline for eye-related make up, like eyeliner and mascara. They make affordable and quality products that sometimes you just don't find even with high-end brands (tried and tested). However, after hearing a lot of raves for the Max Factor mascara, I'm tempted to try. Result: LOVE! It creates a longer and full-looking eyelashes making it a must product for that big wider eyes look.

3. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion.
There is no word to describe my amusement to this product. I am kind of skeptical with BB cream as I've heard a lot about their poor coverage, while coverage is a must for me as I have blemishes on my face. However, this Korean brand really nail it. The coverage is medium and build able yet it feels light and looks naturally dewy (or some may refer as oily). Plus, the SPF 50++ is awesome! You can wear this on your lazy day too :)

4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer.
I love bronzer! Especially on the winter days when you feel like you don't get enough sunlight, this bronzer helps you to get that healthy glowing (not shimmering or glittery) sun-kissed cheeks. And do you know bronzer helps to create a certain highlight to your face? I have a round face , but when I use this bronzer, I feel my face is less rounder.

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.
I swear, Urban Decay creates the best eye shadow or primer! This primer potion is a perfect eyeshadow base, as it can holds your eyeshadow to stay longer and not smudging.

6. Kate Moss x Rimmel Lasting Finish no1. 
This red lipstick is just amazing. Normally for lipstick I will go with Mac or YSL. However, out of the blue when I was strolling local drugstore I saw this Rimmel booth and fell in love with the red color. It claimed to last 8 hours long, not sure about that but I can guarantee it lasts me long enough when I was out on a night out until the sunrise :)

7. Mac "Base Study" paint pot. 
This base creates glittery champagne color base. Although it has the glittery powder, it is still "day-look" appropriate. When I am on the rush, I just put on this base and top it with eyeliner and mascara. Tadaaa! Ready to go..

8. Mac Studio Perfect Powder Foundation SPF 15. 
This is my recent purchase when I was in Hong Kong airport. At first, I was looking for concealer until the SPG showed me this one. Since I am on an acne treatment, it really dries my skin out! So, this powder foundation helps moisturizing your skin, coverage wise I would say it doesn't really cover nicely the red blemishes I have. I apply this powder with the powder brush so it won't look that heavy, but it comes with the sponge too!
p.s: I use this along with Laneige BB cream as the base and my face looks amazing.

9. Chanel eyeshadow. 
With the Urban Decay Naked palette, I don't think I use this one that much.

10. Sephora slanted tweezer. 
To beat that wild hairs on your brows because no one wants to look like Frida Kahlo. Remember not to over pluck them too!

11. Browhaus eyebrow powder. 
Eyebrow is probably the most important feature in your face, it can changes the shape of your face! If you don't have that Brooke Shields eyebrow and don't wanna go for Mona Lisa look, seriously use this! It has two colors option and wax to make powder stays longer. I purchased this from Browhaus, my most trusted eyebrow institution and I know I am in good hand!

12. Maybelline Hypershape liner.
I am terrible with eyeliner and it took a (very long) while to master the art of eyelining. I always have problem with liquid liner, it's either too liquidy or the tip is too thin. I am pretty sure you ladies out there have the same problem too and it gets worse when your hand shakes! As a result, the left one looks thicker than the right one. With this one though, it comes very convenient and you can get that "cat eye" look easily because it is in the form of a pen.

13. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner. 
I use this for the black Kohl look, plus it goes well for the "smudgy eyeshadow" effect! But most of the time, I use this on my lower line as it is, indeed waterproof!

So, this is pretty much what my makeup routine looks like. It is nothing too risque or complicated. Just remember to take care of your skin and moisturize well in prior of using foundation. Hope I can share my makeup tutorial soon!