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Summer shoes

Summer. Another reason to own these beautiful and extra comfy pairs of shoes. Here are my top picks for those dreamy beach holiday, from fabulous lunch by the beach to sightseeing. Lace and espadrilles are definitely having their IT moment (as if they never!). Don't forget to show off those freshly pedicured toes. So, who are the kind-hearted people ready to fund me these pretty ones?
p.s: Net-a-Porter is having their mid year sales. You're welcome!

Honestly I was not as experimental as I am right now on beauty products. Most probably due to the fact that I had problematic hormonal related acne just until 1 year ago. And believe me! I know how frustrating it can be and not to mention the acne scars, literally scared me. During my acne years (yes 3 years), I was more aware of some beauty products, its terms and ranges. So, it was not all that bad. There are obviously some more products and beauty regime that contribute to my current skin condition. But these are some cleansing mask products I am currently using. Tell me yours as well!

1. Lush Mask of Magnaminty. I have love and hate relationship with Lush products, they have some great products with great natural ingredients. But some are just names, they don't do much, meh. I always use this one when I have some small spots or I feel like my pimple will come out. Do decent job to clean and calm down the skin.

2. Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask. I tried this one along with its famous sibling, Rosewater spray. So I sprayed the rosewater and spread the mask directly after. Good for hydration and protecting the skin from harsh environment.

3. SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque. Amazing product for deep pore cleansing and lift impurities. It has a 5% mixed hydroxy acids to help exfoliate as well!

4. Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic. This is from the fresh face mask range, like REALLY REALLY fresh it will expire within 2-3 weeks. This one contains blueberries and some other natural ingredients claimed to provide extra antioxidants. Not really amazing but not bad as well. Something I put on while catching up on my TV series.
I, here, dedicated my rarely seen resting bitch face to those negative people who give foolish look to those who dare to dream and to those judgmental people who themselves once have never been in my situation. The privilege of spending some time alone has given me the time to reflect upon myself and get rid of what is bad for me. Reflecting, I can't believe how blinded I was in the past. I thought being a good friend means making the other happy and sacrificed your own, which is absolutely true, but NOT all times. That is selfish, I am sorry. So tooodles to the so-called classy pretentious B's and really really appreciate those who stick by me through the good and bad times. You know who you are, good friends you deserve medals :) Oh and this picture doesn't do any justice on how precious this velvet black dress, a vintage Gaultier. I raided it from the pandora box a.k.a mom's closet. Happy positivity Monday!  
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A midweek inspiration. I just love the color combination! The brass and bronze color simply add extra contrast and luxury feel to the minimalistic surrounding. I love how versatile it can be, in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom . Plus, it suits to feminine and masculine taste. What do you think?
All Saints coat, Topshop crop top, Etam printed flowing pants, Ankle boots from Shanghai, MBMJ bag

UFFFF! Finally I am done with my exams. All the stress that builds up is finally released and I can put that big smile back again. For now, I am just waiting on my results and graduation in July. This is going to be one long holiday for me until my Interior design course starts. I am just going to express how grateful I am for every opportunities that I have encountered during my four years of study and I really appreciate everyone who has been part of the amazing journey. I miss home and can't wait for my next chapter in life!
Topshop dress, Forever 21 belt, Stuart Weitzman boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

It's May! It's officially the starting of exam week. For me, this is my last exam before university graduation and getting myself Bachelor degree in Finance. When I am typing this, I am even still in awed at how fast things are. The other day I was just talking with my friends which university they will go to and now we are talking what will we do next. I know this day will come but it still feels unreal. A small flashback and tips from my university years, ENJOY it! The first year of university is still for me the most memorable experience ever. I met tons of interesting people, learnt to be independent, I studied hard but every weekend I always spared it for social events and if you know what I mean haha (For the freshers, don't underestimate the power of tequila shots ;p). Don't get me wrong though, I am not suggesting any negative activities. The point is to keep everything in moderation. Getting good grades are important, but there are life knowledge that should be learnt outside the textbooks too. It can be a process to help finding your true self, at least for me. I got to draw the line of how far I will go to do something and it's funny you never know what you'll encounter. If you already knew, good for you! Anyway for those who are wondering what I will do next, I will take interior design course and hopefully the plan goes well. As for now, I am just going to review my fascinating financial statements, do my best and pray for the rest. For my fellow friends who are doing their dissertations and exams, may the force be with you! :D
Shanghai has been and will always be a second home to me no matter what. Whenever I meet new group of people or old friends of mine, I have always raved about it. Unlike any other developing cities, Shanghai in fact has developed so fast in terms of its obsession with skyscrapers buildings, Westernization and also growing numbers of cool restaurants or cafés to satisfy the local or expat tounges. During my three years stay in the city, I was a foodie along with my friends . While most restaurants did not live up to its names or deteriorating in quality, some restaurants remain my favorites and keep asking me back for more. Consider me a good friend of yours, these are my must-visit restaurant when in the city (in random order)

1. Lost Heaven

This restaurant specialized in one of the most exotic Chinese dish, Yunnan food. This is a combination of Tibetan and Mount Mekong food. Or what I would describe to my friends as a fusion of Chinese/ Thai/ Indonesian food. I would say Lost Heaven is one of the most romantic restaurants to bring your date as well. The intimate black and red decor, atmospheric music and dim, flickering candlelight and amazing cocktails. I die. The recommended dishes: wild vegetable Yunnan pancake, Ji-zong mushroom with vegetables, Da Li style chicken with chilli and green onion, steamed cod in banana leaves. Yums!

The Bund branch:
17 Yan'an Dong lu, near Sichuan Nan Lu
6330 0967

French Concession branch:
38 Gaoyou Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu
6433 5126

2. Garlic

Hands down to best Turkish food in the city. It's always a meat, meat and MEAT galore in the restaurant. This is not your ordinary kebab joints. In fact, do not even think of it. The place itself has this homey and sophisticated rustic feeling to it with an open kitchen and central fireplace, so do not be scared smelling like lamb on the way home. The menu itself has many ranges from the Mediterranean style hummus to Turkish pizza (pide) to slow-cooked lamb enough to feast hungry friends of mine. The recommended dishes: Vine leaf stuffed with rice and olive oil (Dolma), Turkish flat bread with minced lamb and tomato (Lahmacun), flat bread with pepperoni and cheese (Sucuk Pide) and mixed platter of perfectly roasted lamb, chickens and beef for three people (Karisik Garlic)

698 Yongjia Lu

3. Cha's

A famous Hong Kong cha canting restaurant in Shanghai. The menu is everything you will find in a Cantonese restaurant. Yet, when I saw the locals are willing to wait 2 hours outside the restaurant, I knew this must be a gem. The first time I tried it, I have to wait about an hour and they don't do reservation either. It is based on first come first serve. The recommended dishes: scrambled egg with shrimps, Sweet and Sour Pork, pineapple bun with butter and milk tea. Oh gosh..

30 Sinan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu
6093 2062

4. Mr & Mrs Bund

This is my go-to restaurant when I am bringing out-of-town guests for a fancy and relaxed dining with the colorful lights and skyscrapers view from The Bund. The menu is a modern French food with a twist. It was amazing when my friend from LA arrived at night and we came in at 12 midnight and they were still open with its late-night dining set. Good service indeed. The recommended dishes: foie gras light crumble, long short rib teriyaki, house smoked salmon essential and  the famous lemon and lemon tart (it was ranked #2 Western Dessert by CNN GO)

6/F  Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu
6323 9898

5. Jia Jia Tang Bao

Shanghai trip is not complete without overindulging myself with Shanghai's very own steaming hot xiao long baos or soup dumplings. They have many options with salty egg or crab meat inside. Never mind me, they are all delicious addictive little things. This is a hole in the wall location and when they sold out, they closed. The recommended dish: XIAO LONG BAO of course!

90 Huanghe Lu, near Beijing Lu

There are still many options when you are in the big city like Shanghai. The food communities are growing, asides from the delicious food, the interior is inspiring to check out as well. Another thing to add to the list is Flair lounge in Ritz Carlton (main pic), you will definitely add Shanghai to your favorite city in the world.

Photo credit: Smart Shanghai