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Super Dry windcheaters, Topshop top and jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton scarf and clutch, Stuart Weitzman 50/50 knee high boots

A stroll in Paris city is like a dream comes true. I just can't get over how astonishing it is. I believe a trip to Paris is not complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Instead of going to the park where the tour normally takes the tourists, I love seeing it from the Trocadero area. Plus, it has the merry-go-round I always see in wedding pictures. At night, this city of light is gorgeous beyond word. But it is better to see from the eyes as the camera fails to capture the beauty of it. Oh and if you notice, I was bare faced in these pictures because that is how the Parisians do it, I guess? I envy their smooth bare faced skins so much though! Something for sure, I definitely can't wait for my upcoming trip to Paris soon.

The first time I came to London I could not forget how I felt about it. It just somehow speaks my language, food! Apart from the trendy and colorful fashion, one thing for sure that London is not lacking of is, the wide ranges of fashionable international cuisines restaurants, homey cafés, pressed juices to authentic Turkish kebabs (as confirmed by a Turkish friend of mine). First thing first, I really want to talk about how most of the well-known restaurants in London work. Reservation is a MUST. Walk-in is rather risky as many people do their reservations about 3 weeks or even months for restaurants like The Ledbury or Duck and Waffle! Insane..

Anyway, this time I want to review a restaurant with amazing view of River Thames, OXO Brasserie. I went for lunch with my parents who came to visit me. The restaurant itself is located in OXO Tower, an old artsy building on the south bank of Thames. This is my second time eating here. I got the (1) Roasted squash with broccoli and ricotta cheese (2) Black peppered tuna with garlic pomodoro (3) Roasted cod with black rice risotto, brown shrimp butter sauce and braised fennel. 

OXO Brasserie's atmosphere is casual, perhaps because it is a "brasserie". It is a place where you will want to take your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents for catch up sessions or simple romantic dining. Perfectly fine. Although during weekdays lunch time I noticed most of the guests are business people in suits and ties enjoying their lunch time. Food wise, the menu is pretty intriguing, seasonal and offer many varieties. As per price, it is pretty standard or even considered affordable for London's exaggerating price, £29.50 for three course lunch set menu with the view. Overall, try it once. It can be a restaurant where you visit often or take out-of-town guests to show what London is all about. 

p.s: all pictures are mine except for the last one.

Waking up in Paris has always been in my list. There is just something about Paris vibes that makes you feel very special and let's say...chic! Not to mention the picture perfect streets. I don't mind getting lost in the small streets in one of the fashion capitals in the world, because all the buildings are just exquisite. I love the morning smell of freshly brewed coffees and croissants in every corner of the city. Mostly, I love how Parisian women and men dress. They look very fresh and effortless, even with just a pair of ripped jeans and plain white t-shirt. Therefore, while I am in the city, I decided to wear something that screams Paris. And I can't think of what can be more Parisian chic than a turtleneck (or stripes) top for the windy weather. Talking about Parisian style, don't forget to add the magical Chanel touch. This Chanel Boy is just better than what I imagined in terms of the color and size. Just amazing! When in Paris, I stayed in one of the most beautiful apartments I have ever been. It is located in a stylish Haussmannian building and what's more amazing is the prime location, just 3 minutes walk to the famous Lafayette and Printemps. Now you know what I am talking about!

Massimo Dutti coat, Uniqlo denim top, Topshop white crop top and pants, H&M wool hat, Salvatore Ferragamo purseStaccato boots, Rayban sunglass

After the cold gloomy winter, you can't imagine how happy I was when the sun finally shine so bright and warm in the other part of Europe, to be exact it's Lisbon. Even I feel the coat was a bit too much in Lisbon afternoon, but perfect for the chilled night weather. I love this coat as it adds a clean, tailored and sleek look to the whole outfit. And I know I use this purse like in most of my posts, but honestly I don't really carry much stuffs in my purse and I only bring few bags to this trip for my shopping purpose (fit more stuffs!). 

My first impression of Portugal was, wow. The architecture is totally different than the other parts of Europe. The streets are steep, colorful buildings and houses and my favorite part is the Belém district. This is probably the most touristic place in Lisbon, but I can see why. The view is astonishing (from the bridge picture). I was recommended by the hotel receptionist to visit the famous Pastéis de Belém (in the Belém district too). I am seriously addicted to this custard tart or pastel de nata! According to the story, only three people know the secret recipe to this perfection. So make sure to visit this place when you are in the city.

I have developed a huge love towards beauty products. Apart from the eyeliner and Urban Decay's Naked palette, these are some of my go-to products for my everyday make up.

This bottle last me for like forever! I started using this a year ago when I had acne problems and some post-acne marks to cover. It does the work AMAZINGLY. 

I apply it after the foundation to keep it stay and not melting for the whole day. It is transparent in color but I feel like it gives the fresh dewy effect to my face. Bonus!

I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS. ENOUGH SAID. Especially during the winter days to add that "fake tan" look on your face and no shimmer. Not to mention it gives the slim effect to the cheeks. 

I was curious with the raves and I am not disappointed. I love Gilda shades because it doesn't have shimmery effect like the famous shade, Orgasm. Plus it has that coral red color perfect pairing with the bronzer. With the pricey price, it lasted me a long time.

THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Even to my "no-makeup" look. I believe eyebrow is the most vital part of face, it frames and give definition to the face. I can't live without this. Period. 

This is the mascara cult. It does thicken and lengthen my lashes perfectly because of the color intensity.

I always get compliment when I am using this one. The matte effect gives me that perfect Kylie Jenner's pout. When in hurry just put this one. And trust me the name says it all, you will feel Sultry. 

Good girls know lip liner is the secret to the perfect and more defined lip. This color matches perfectly to the Revlon Sultry lip balm. Promise me to get these both in pair!

9. Chanel lipstick in Effrontee 
This is the perfect rose color for everyday occasion. When in doubt I always use this one. I tried to find one in several European duty frees and I could not find it. I guess they have stopped producing this one :(

Happy Sunday everyone!

ZARA parka, shorts and white sweater, mom's cashmere scarf, Laimböck glovesMark and Spencer hosiery, Stuart Weitzman boots, Salvatore Ferragamo clutch

It is no wonder that Milan is a great shop destination for fashionistas around the world. Asides from the endless boutiques options, beautiful Italian leather, and freshly made Gelato on hand, a smart shopper like me will not miss out the irresistible price compared to ones in my home country. I directly headed to the famous cathedral, Duomo di Milano. There are a lot of shops to choose, from H&M to Prada in the nearby Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. I had such wonderful time strolling around and ended up in Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni where most of the well-known designers have their boutiques. My mom had such high expectation for getting the Birkin bag in the skin and color she wanted in the city, yet she could not find it. What a bummer for her! However, lucky me I got my Céline bag here. At first I had my doubt between the Trapeze or Phantom Luggage and I decided to get the Trapeze instead because it is more versatile and I can just style it like how I want it.  Plus my dad who takes security very seriously thought the Phantom Luggage would be very unsafe for me to put my stuffs in, as there is no zipper inside. To all the guys out there, to safe you from the argument with your girl, you should note fashion to girl is not merely about function but how cute they are on us ;) 

Romantic. Mysterious. Bohemian. Three words I will use to describe the capital city of Czech Republic. There is something about the city of Prague that gives you the feeling you are walking straight out a 1920s movie, especially with the barely-touched centuries old architectures of the city. Without sounding like a Lonely Planet guide book,  I wanted to share my day trip in this incredible city. I started my day strolling around the Mala Strana district. As I made my way up to the Prague Castle complex, I passed many shops selling souvenirs like absinthe, gems, etc. The Prague Castle is positioned in the high region of the city where it offers amazing 360 degree view of the city from top. I could not even be bothered with the ridiculously cold and windy weather that day because the view. Wow. I have never seen such beautiful city. It was exactly like the background for Disney's medieval movies. Again, wow. Then, I thought to myself, what could be better than this? The answer directly came in the form of a bowl of warm beef goulash and Czech's traditional food, roasted rabbit and stuffed duck breast in wine sauce with assorted pancakes, bread, red white cabbages and my favorite steamed potato dumpling! It was delicious and perfect for the weather. After a glass of Pilsner Urquell beer (the Czech's beer), I continued my journey walking along the iconic Charles Bridge which connects the Mala Strana and Old Town. The Old Town is home to some of the points of interests in Prague like the astronomical clock and some high end boutiques. In the evening, I went for the boat trip cruising down the river accompanied with a cup of tea and warm slice of chocolate cake. As the city's lights are on, I saw my parents cuddled, how I wish I had someone with me. Prague, I'm in love.